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A-Team meets The Hangover in Cobra Kai creators' new Netflix project Obliterated

What happens in Vegas could destroy Vegas.

Obliterated cast promotional image
Image credit: Netflix

Las Vegas is known as the City of Sin, so it is usually the setting for films and TV shows that highlight the excesses available on The Strip. Obliterated, an upcoming action-comedy set to premiere on Netflix on November 30, takes the usual formula these shows follow and adds a healthy dose of explosions and gunfire to the usual formula, making a dangerous and potentially highly entertaining cocktail.

Obliterated, which was produced and written by the creators of Cobra Kai, follows the story of an elite special forces team that goes out on The Strip to celebrate successfully saving the city from a nuclear bomb only to find out halfway through their bacchanal that the bomb they disarmed was a fake. Still drunk, horny, and high on every drug imaginable, they have to find the real terrorists and stop the real bomb from exploding, all while not letting their superior officers know how wasted they are.

The trailer feels like the team binged The Expendables, The Hangover, and Bachelor Party all in one night before writing the pilot, complete with a camel standing in for Max, the Magical, Sexual Mule. It’s a combination of influences that could lead to Obliterated being one of the more interesting action series coming to Netflix this November. If there is one thing that the world needs more of, its action shows that refuse to take themselves seriously.

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