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One Piece manga release date: When will the One Piece chapter 1111 be released?

Rest assured, Oda is, at any given moment, furiously sketching out Luffy's next adventure.

One Piece Gear 5 form Luffy
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Eiichiro Oda’s commitment to releasing new chapters of One Piece on a nearly weekly basis has become the stuff of legends in the manga industry. Over 1100 chapters into the Straw Hat pirates’ story and you can rely on a new chapter being released on the Shonen Jump app nearly every Sunday morning while still catching the latest episode of the One Piece anime.

We say “nearly” because even Oda needs to take a break sometimes. Typically, One Piece chapters are released for three weeks in a row before the series takes a one-week break. So, when will the next chapter of the One Piece manga come out?

New chapters of One Piece usually land on the Shonen Jump app on Sunday morning or afternoon, depending on where you live. This is the first place you can read the official localization of the manga. The next chapter of One Piece to be released will be:

  • One Piece Chapter 1111 – March 24 at 11 am EST / 7 am PST

Scans of individual panels of One Piece chapters typically begin surfacing online on the Wednesday before the chapter is officially published. These are called “raw” leaks and they can give fans an idea of what is expected to happen the next time we see Luffy in action, though they are usually out of order and difficult to follow. Fan translations of the new chapters sometimes start to surface by Friday, but you’re better off waiting until the official translation comes out a few days later if you want a more authentic – and legal – One Piece experience.

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