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Celebrate One Piece on March 12 with manga publisher's big plans

3 big One Piece manga releases - plus book store decorations!

One Piece
Image credit: VIZ Media

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One Piece fans are well-fed when it comes to things to read and things to watch with Eiichiro Oda's original manga still going strong after 27 years, and the anime entering its 25th year. But this March is going to be even bigger.

One Piece
Image credit: VIZ Media

With the franchise at its popularity peak thanks to the above two AND the successful Netflix live-action show, March 2024 is going to be a marquee month for the franchise.

On March 12, 2024 to be exact, One Piece's english-language publisher VIZ Media has scheduled three major new manga releases, along with considerable efforts to get your local comic stores and bookstores to dress up their whole store for the occasion.

On March 12, VIZ will publish the next volume of Oda's manga, One Piece Vol. 105. The previous volume, like many before it, was the best-selling graphic novel (Manga or otherwise) for the month of November 2023.

Also on March 12, VIZ will publish a manga adaptation of the hit One Piece novel One Piece: Ace’s Story... titled, fittingly enough, One Piece: Ace’s Story: The Manga.

And third to that, VIZ is finally releasing the much-sought-after One Piece x Food Wars crossover, One Piece: Shokugeki no Sanji.

Each of those releases would be significant, but all three on the same day.... well, you better batten down the hatches. And your local comic and book stores will be able to do that as VIZ is sending out (as first reported by ICv2's Brigid Alverson) various merch including One Piece temporary tattoos, One Piece bookmarks, One Piece stickers, a One Piece open/closed sign, One Piece art cards, One Piece shelf talkers, and even a 30" x 60" Monkey D. Luffy standee.

Oh yeah, and also One Piece recipe cards.

One Piece
Image credit: VIZ Media

For comic book stores and bookstores, everyone who has a relationship with VIZ will be getting a kit with all of this for free - with more available to order.

Both items will be available at no cost to retailers, including free shipping, and will be limited to one per storefront. They can be ordered now from Diamond.

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