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Netflix's One Piece season 2 is officially on its way

Is One Piece the first great live-action anime adaptation? Netflix says so with a quick season 2 renewal

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On August 31, Netflix released the live-action adaptation of One Piece, an eight-episode first season that the streamer and everyone involved hoped would be the first of many, and also serve to break the curse of Netflix's previously poorly received live-action adaptations of anime.

And it worked.

Netflix's One Piece season one was watched 37.8 million times in its first two weeks of release, and in its first week was the #1 most popular TV show on Netflix in 46 countries. With a reported budget of $18 million per episode though, even experts were gun-shy on whether this success would precipitate a second season.

But it did. Netflix has ordered a second season of the live-action One Piece from producers Twomorrow Studios, and deferred to its creator - manga-ka Eeichiro Oda - to announce the news with a special video:

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(yes, that's an actual transponder snail. Netflix are technological geniuses.)

According to the One Piece creator, a second season of the live-action adaptation wasn't a given - and that Netflix didn't renew it until "two weeks" after the show debuted - which would be this week.

Netflix are holding back on any details about One Piece season 2 - including the release date, episode count, cast, or story details.

A social media sensation with more than 4 billion search impressions for #onepiecenetflix on TikTok alone, ONE PIECE continues to generate buzz and trend globally across social platforms. Talent Instagram followings have soared, adding millions of followers over the last couple of months.

One Piece: What to watch after binging the live action Netflix show.

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