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Stuck on your Our Flag Means Death fanfic? The OFMD AU Generator can help

We all love a good alternate universe take on our favorite pirates

Our Flag Means Death AU Generator screenshot
Image credit: HoneyBeesBoy on X

Even the most seasoned fan-fiction writer has hit a healthy dose of writer’s block in their time, unable to think of a new situation to put their favorite characters into. If you’ve found yourself stuck for ideas on how to give your Our Flag Means Death fic a fresh new twist, the OFMD AU Generator could be just the spark you’re looking for.

The Our Flag Means Death AU generator made its original debut in print form at MCM London in October 2023, but now it has found a home online thanks to X user HoneyBeesBoy. The generator gives two new roles for Stede and Ed, ranging from midwife to burglar to pottery tutor, and slaps a random genre at the end. The idea is to give budding fanfic writers a springboard to play with, changing the relationship between the two main characters of Our Flag Means Death while keeping the romance element. While it doesn't take the sting away from the sudden cancellation of the beloved show, it does give us something to do with our pent up creative energy until someone else potentially picks it up for a final season or film.

Some strange and wonderful prompts can come out of the generator. During our time playing with it, we got ideas for a lifetime’s worth of fanfiction. However, our favorite prompt was easily the one that cast Stede as a music instructor and Ed as a paranormal investigator in a touch-starved fic. While it feels like a completely random set of words, it oddly makes sense for the characters - of course Ed would be out there, trying to prove the supernatural is real before being brought in to investigate a haunting in Stede’s classroom. The twist is that Stede is actually the ghost of a music instructor, preventing the two from interacting even as they become closer and closer.

Hold on. Be right back – we’ve got a fanfic to write before we forget it.

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