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Our Flag Means Death: Online petition calling for renewal of cancelled series reaches 30000 signatures

Hope is never lost so long as hashtags exist.

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If you thought that the drama surrounding the sudden cancellation of Our Flag Means Death was over, you don’t know fandoms very well. Almost as soon as the show’s fate was sealed by executives at Max, fans gave voice to their disappointment on social media, starting several hashtags to help them organize their efforts. Now they’ve employed the ultimate weapon to get Our Flag Means Death uncancelled – an online petition.

A petition has begun circulating and has amassed nearly 30,000 signatures as of the time of this writing. Interestingly, the petition was created back in August, seemingly in preparation of this very moment. The petition, titled “Renew as a Crew,” calls for HBO to renew the show for a third and final season, stating that this will complete showrunner David Jenkins’ original vision for Our Flag Means Death. It also cites the show’s impressive viewing figures, positive critical acclaim, and passionate fanbase as reasons the network should bring the Revenge back for one final voyage.

Other fans are taking to Max’s customer service lines, flooding them with requests to renew Our Flag Means Death and receiving positively worded – if expressly non-committal – responses back. The result has been a very public and very vocal outpouring of support for the show. While it probably won’t result in a reversal of fortunes at HBO – decisions like this usually come down to the all-mighty dollar rather than an emotional response to a passionate fanbase – it could signal to another network to purchase the rights.

There are a couple of snags in any plan to renew Our Flag Means Death on a platform like Netflix. One is the high production costs, with an ensemble cast and remarkably accurate period costumes rapidly increasing the price tag on each episode. The other is that the show’s intended run was always three seasons, meaning that any network that buys it will have to make sure it gets a quick return on its hefty investment. There is also the remarkably busy schedule of co-creator Taika Waititi, who seems to be directing half of every movie in Hollywood at the moment, which throw another wrench in the production situation.

A final movie to wrap up the intended plotlines feels more likely at this point than a third season, which we mused upon when news of the cancellation first surfaced. Still, anything is possible in the world of online streaming. We’ve already seen multiple shows make a similar jump in recent years, so we may yet see the crew of the Revenge set sail one more time - as long as fans continue to fly the flag.

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