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Some of those Our Flag Means Death season 2 fan theories are "so close" says Con O'Neill, as he and cast mates reveal their own

The Our Flag Means Death cast talk about their relationship with headcanon and fan theories

Our Flag Means Death panel from Florida Supercon 2023
Image credit: ReedPop

If you’ve ever followed a popular television show, then you know the story continues after the episode ends - even before the next episode or next season even begins. The worlds of our favorite characters live on with fan theories and headcanon. It’s what gets us through season hiatuses and keeps us going when our favorites get cancelled.

We’re currently waiting for Our Flag Means Death season 2, but luckily, we’ve had plenty of ways to occupy ourselves. Max’s popular pirate comedy has a thriving fan community, which has shared some of their favorite theories online. Speaking at a panel during Florida Supercon, the OFMD's Con O'Neill, Nathan Foad, and Kristian Nairn revealed that they’ve even read some of those theories.

“Sometimes I see a theory, and especially for season 2, and some of them are so close. And some of them are so far. They keep going,” Con O’Neill says.

Although the cast enjoys reading fan theories, they try to be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole.

“I love all the fan theories and stuff, it’s just you need to keep a healthy distance from them as an actor,” Nathan Foad cautions.

“We’ve kind of already done our individual character and background work before we started filming the show, so I think it’s important not to let fan theories affect you as an actor. It’s so cool to see everyone has their own ideas and stuff, but as an actor you do need to have your own personal private process,” Foad continues.

However, there have been times when the cast have had the opportunity to build their own canon.

“My initial backstory for Wee John is not what I ended up turning him into,” Kristian Nairn reveals. “The whole seamster thing was really from a piece of improvisation. That was never written into the script. Wee John has become more of who I am, rather than something I’ve created.”

“I think all of us have fleshed out our backstories. I know personally what happened to Lucius and how he got to where he is. I’m just not going to talk about it,” Foad says.

Look for the full Our Flag Means Death panel from Florida Supercon 2023 later this month on Popverse.