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Our Flag Means Death season 2 splits up a central relationship from season 1, and it's a little disappointing

Why? Why? Why?

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Heavy spoilers for Our Flag Means Death season 2 episodes 1-2.

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One of the best parts of Our Flag Means Death season 1 was the blossoming relationship between Jim and Olu. Not only had they been longtime friends, they seemed to be slowly (but surely) finding love in the weird chaos of their lives. Within all the humor and silliness, they felt like the crew's (and for that matter, the show's) anchor. The end of the season found them apart, but it felt like it would only take a little while to see them reunited and finally able to express their feelings.

And yet.

Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death begins with them not only apart, but also developing new relationships. Which wouldn't be a problem (yay polyamory!) except for the fact that it seems like they're moving on from each other, which is disappointing.

Now obviously people move on. But it seems like a bit of a waste, especially since season one spent so much time setting them up. And there doesn't seem to be a real reason shown (at least not yet) why they're being split up. Because they're currently separated, we don't see them growing apart, or getting in arguments or even talking about why they might be moving on.

Not only that, but we don't get too much about these new characters either, beyond the fact that they're there and somewhat cool. Somehow, what we've gotten so far doesn't feel like enough to replace the quiet magic of Jim and Olu, at least yet. Who knows, maybe these new romances will sweep us off our feet. Or maybe they'll even all get together. But one thing is for certain, not seeing Jim and Olu's romance develop is a bit of a bummer.

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