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Stede and Blackbeard find themselves on different tracks in Our Flag Means Death season 2 teaser

In love or ready to kill? Here's where Stede and Ed seem to be in the OFMD season 2 teaser trailer.

Split screen still featuring Ed and Stede
Image credit: Max

It's finally here. The Our Flag Means Death season 2 trailer is available to watch, and you can do so below... but what does the trailer tell us about this second season that's finally sailing our way?

Well, for one, it promises a new dynamic between Stede Bonnet and Edward Teach a.k.a. Captain Blackbeard. For those of you who don't remember - spoilers for season one! - Stede and Ed found themselves at a particularly rocky moment in their romance at the end of last season, with Stede leaving Ed behind to go back to his old life as gentry... only to finally come to terms that he does love Ed, after all.

In this teaser trailer, we see Stede, still stranded on an island, throwing a bottle which holds a letter into the ocean. In a voiceover, we hear Stede narrating a love letter to Blackbeard.

"Dear Ed. I love everything about you." This sweet love letter is intercut with Blackbeard glowering at a small wedding cake topper and growling, "I hate you, Stede Bonnet." In fact, in the trailer, Ed seems to be on a bit of a murderous rampage (and he's going hard on the eyeliner too, to stay on theme of course). Which kind of makes sense, considering; remember that, the last he heard from Stede, he was being abandoned.

Now how long will Stede and Ed stay apart? What will it take to get these two pirates on the same page once more? Well, we'll have to wait a month and some change to see, as we now know that season 2 will be debuting on Max on October 5. We certainly can't wait to see how it all shakes out.

Watch the teaser trailer for Our Flag Means Death season 2 below.

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Our Flag Means Death season 2 will be hitting Max on October 5, with new episodes streaming two-per-week until a finale on October 26.

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