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Batman: Year 100 creator Paul Pope returns with a new career retrospective, PulpHope 2

The 300+ page coffee table book will arrive this October from BOOM! Studios

Image credit: Paul Pope/Boom! Studios

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Fans have come to be patient when it comes to the work of Paul Pope — the creator of such titles as Heavy Liquid, 100%, Battling Boy, and Batman Year One Hundred has spent years in and out of the comic book industry, working on projects as far afield as ad campaigns for Playboy, fashion brand Diesel, high-end poster manufacturer Nakatomi, and a number of bands including the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Patience can pay off, however — especially for those who’ve been waiting close to 20 years for a follow-up to his coffee table art book PulpHope. Later this year, it’s finally time for PulpHope2.

A career retrospective that will include work unseen since the first PulpHope — as well as material that has never appeared publicly before, including background and process material by the artist — PulpHope 2: The Art of Paul Pope is what publishers BOOM! Studios are calling “the definitive collection” of Pope’s work, spanning his entire career and then some. (Yes, there will be drawings from his childhood in there, as well.)

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The entire package will be curated by Pope himself, with new annotations and commentary helping to shape the story of his development into the self-styled Comics Destroyer that he is today.

“In my work as a cartoonist/comic book artist or just plain artist, I've always sought to expand the definitions of what we can do both with the medium and as visual thinkers,” Pope said in a statement about the new release. “I’ve always sought to push the assumed barriers of what it means to be a modern pop artist. PulpHope2 incorporates a wide range of the work I've done both inside and out the comics industry, much of which either hasn't been widely seen or seen presented in the way. In this 338pg catalogue, we've tried to pull from the best of my works up to 2024 — including comics, fashion design, album art, silkscreens, and personal work — revealed here for the first time. We hope you enjoy!”

PulpHope 2: The Art of Paul Pope will be released October 9 in comic stores, with wide release following October 15. Click through the gallery below for a preview of what lies in wait.

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