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After Peacemaker's success, DC is bringing you Peacewrecker

If Peacemaker is willing to kill for peace, just how far is Peacewrecker prepared to take things...? Find out in Green Arrow #3

Green Arrow #3 main cover
Image credit: DC

DC fans wondering where to see more of Amanda Waller’s group of ne’er-do-wells introduced in the closing pages of December’s Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 already know that the upcoming Dawn of DC Primer in May is one option… but the upcoming Green Arrow miniseries launching in April offers another, as our exclusive preview of the series’ third issue makes all too clear.

We’ve already pointed out that the cover to the series’ first issue features Peacemaker — one of Amanda Waller’s mysterious new team — but DC’s official description of the third issue goes even further to confirm a connection… including naming the female Peacemaker glimpsed at the end of Dark Crisis #7 for the first time. But, really: what do Peacemaker and Peacewrecker want with Green Arrow and his extended family during these Dawn of DC days, anyway…?

We’ll have to wait until June to find out, but the publisher’s advance description of the issue goes a little something like this: “Arsenal and Black Canary versus Peacemaker and the new Peacewrecker! While Arsenal and Black Canary’s quest for answers has sent them into danger, Green Arrow is lost in time and space—but at least he’s not alone now. Two members of the Green Arrow family join Oliver Queen in the last place you’d expect!”

The issue marks the midway point of the six-issue series, with covers for the issue from series artist Sean Izaakse, as well as Derrick Chew, Ejukure, and a DC Pride variant from Luciano Vecchio — all of which you can see in the gallery below.

Green Arrow #3 will be released June 27. Pick it up… if only to give Oliver Queen some company while he’s stuck wherever he is…

Perhaps it’s time to revisit those first issue covers from the series again to go looking for clues to the mystery of Green Arrow’s disappearance once again…!

Graeme McMillan

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