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DC's ongoing The Penguin comic is no longer ongoing - it's ending this July

DC's The Penguin by Tom King and Rafael De Latorre is ending

The Penguin #12
Image credit: Carmine Di Giandomenico (DC)

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If you've been loving the new Penguin ongoing comic book series from Tom King and Rafael De Latorre, we have some bad news. It's ending.

But its okay, as it seems that was the plan all along for Tom King - even if DC didn't market it that way.

In DC's just-released July 2024 solicitations, The Penguin series is announced to be ending with July 24's The Penguin #12.

"Oswald Cobblepot’s master plans for Gotham had him feeling like he had the whole city in the palm of his flipper. But it’s all gone so very wrong," reads DC's description of The Penguin #12. "Now, trapped in the Batmobile alongside his most hated enemy, sinking into a watery grave, the Penguin has found himself wondering if it was all for naught. But Batman’s avian adversary may have one more scheme up his feathered sleeve—if it isn’t too late. The Penguin’s epic saga ends here."

Now if you're a fan of Tom King's work, you might easily presume all of his series are 12 issues is length as that's been his defacto series length going back to 2015's The Vision at Marvel, with rare exceptions including his run on DC's Batman ongoing. But DC was very public in staying Tom King's Penguin series was an ongoing, with calling it "a new ongoing series" when written about back in August 2023.

But if I'm reading this right, DC isn't ending King and De Latorre's story early - The Penguin #12 will be the finale they had always intended, even if it wasn't framed as such publicly until now.

The Penguin #12 (of #12) goes on sale July 24, 2024. For more of what's coming in July, check out our guide to DC Comics July 2024 solicitations.

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