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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Poll: Which Camp Half-Blood cabin would you be in?

Sure, you may not be a god's kid, but if you could choose - where would you live?

Promotional image of Percy Jackson wearing some armor and carrying a shield
Image credit: Disney/David Bukach

We at Popverse have really been digging the Percy Jackson and the Olympians tv show over at Disney+. In fact, we've been digging it so much that we've chatted with the cast and the creators of the show, scrolled for ages looking at fans' blue cookie creations, and even put together a full Percy Jackson watch guide.

There's something so magical and fun about Percy Jackson's world, and so today we thought we would ask a central question that's been on our mind since we first saw Camp Half-Blood come to life on the small screen a few weeks ago - which Camp Half-Blood cabin would we (and our friends) be a part of? Do we imagine our godly parents to be more like Athena or like Hades?

Because we like to focus on fandom here at Popverse, we figured we'd ask you the same question. Which Camp Half-Blood cabin would you stay in? Vote below and let us know. If you have more to say to back up your vote, let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear from you.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is currently streaming on Disney+.

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