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Pokemon Concierge star Non explains her character's emotional path in Netflix stop animation series

Haru's job at Pokemon Resort teaches her to relax - even at work

Still image from Pokemon Concierge
Image credit: Netflix

Pokemon Concierge has to be one of the most unique chapters in the Japanese franchise's long and broad history. Billed as a stop-motion animated show that has nothing to do with battles and has a lot more to do with work-life balance and vacations, the show follows main character Haru as she begins her new job as a concierge at Pokemon Resort, where her job is to help Pokemon relax.

Japanese actress Non, who plays Pokemon Concierge's main character Haru, chatted to some members of the press about the show at Anime Expo 2023. About her character, Non told Popverse through an interpreter, "The protagonist Haru is a very hard working person, and she's basically overworked. She's lost in work because she's working so hard. She decides to work at Pokemon Resort as a concierge, and there basically her job is to show hospitality to the Pokemon. She makes mistakes, fails, and gets disappointed. She feels down, but then in those instances, Pokemon help her, and there are things she learns from intereacting and spending time with Pokemon. She basically grows with the Pokemon."

In response to a question from another reporter, Non shared that her character Haru developed throughout the show by finding out that its okay to have fun while working and embrace the imperfectionist.

A lesson we can probably all learn.

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