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Poll: Should Jason Todd live or die?

In celebration for the new Death in the Family facsimile edition, we're asking DC fans a classic question

Cropped voting page from Death in the Family
Image credit: DC Comics

Thirty-five years ago, DC Comics asked their fans an unthinkable question. The Joker had just gotten his hands on the then-new (and very unpopular) Robin Jason Todd, and Jason's fate was up for grabs, so DC opened a phone poll for fans to vote whether he should live or die.

"Robin will die because the Joker wants revenge," the poll page read, "But you can prevent it with a telephone call." Unfortunately for young Jason Todd, fans voted for his death (though the margin was apparently slim and rumors persist about whether or not the poll was rigged), and Batman history was forever made.

Last week, DC released a fascimile edition of Batman #428, the issue that revealed the results of the poll, created using art prepared at the time just in case the fans voted the other way. In this edition, Batman finds Jason still alive, and promises an entirely different timeline for Bruce Wayne and Jason.

Now that this fascimile edition has hit the stands, we figured it'd be the perfect time to ask what you think about the matter today: should Jason Todd live? Vote in the poll below (though as a caveat, Popverse has no power over whether or not Jason Todd dies).

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