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Popverse challenges all of London to a pub quiz at this weekend's MCM Comic Con

There may not be an actual pub involved, but the prizes are very real nonetheless

Popverse Pub Quiz
Image credit: Popverse

Having successfully confounded audiences this year in Seattle, Chicago, and New York — and, sure, yeah; given out some pretty great prizes along the way — Popverse’s Trivia Night is going transatlantic (and getting a temporary name change) with an appearance at MCM London at the ExCel on Sunday, October 29. Ladies, gentlemen, and folks of every single persuasion: get ready for the Popverse Pub Quiz.

No, it’s not actually being held in a pub. (Sorry.) But 'Trivia Night' felt, well, a little too… American for the quiz’s first U.K. outing, so we went for something a little bit different. If it helps, we’ll try to get Veronica Valencia — one of the co-hosts of the panel, alongside Graeme McMillan — to tell everyone to sling their hook at the end, and see if she can announce that you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay there.

The rules of the Pub Quiz are simple: Bring some friends — or be ready to make some — and form teams of up to 6 people, try to answer as many of the questions as you can correctly, and get ready to win tickets for all three days of the next MCM London show in 2024! Be prepared to tackle questions on: Film and television! Games! Anime! Dragons! You think we’re joking on that last one; just wait, MCM attendees. Just wait.

The Popverse Pub Quiz will be happening at 2:35pm Sunday, October 29 on the Haunted House Stage. Again, we’re aware that a Haunted House is not a pub, but calling it the Popverse Haunted House Hustle just sounded a bit tenuous, really. Be there, and bring your thinking trousers: you’re going to need them if you want to take away the big prizes.

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