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DC's Power Girl reconnects with her roots in new ongoing by Leah WIlliams & Eduardo Pansica

Power Girl's first series in a decade is coming this fall from DC Comics

Power Girl #1
Image credit: DC

2023 is a good year for DC's Power Girl. She started it off with a back-up serial in Action Comics, and in may she had her own one-shot (the previously announced Power Girl Special)... and now we have news she is graduating into her own ongoing series as part of the current 'Dawn of DC' initiative.

Launching September 5, this all-new Power Girl series spins out of the aforementioned stories of the character - as well as some fallout from the upcoming Knight Terrors DC crossover event. As a result of that event, there’s an ancient Kryptonian threat awakened in the modern-day DCU, and only Power Girl can stop it — or, at least, that’s what Superman seems to believe. Is she up to the task, and even if she is, what makes her the ideal member of the Superfamily to handle things? All will be revealed as Power Girl steps into the spotlight in her first solo series in over a decade.

Leah Williams, who is writing the Action Comics back-up serial and the Power Girl Special, is returning to write this new series. She's joined by former Suicide Squad and Supergirl artist Eduardo Pansica.

Here's a look ahead at the various covers for Power Girl #1:

Power Girl writer Leah Williams wasbe a guest recently onEnter the Popverse talking all about it..

Power Girl #1 is scheduled to be released September 5. A collection of the Action Comics back-up series and Power Girl SPecial is coming in November titled Power Girl Returns.

Want to know more about Dawn of DC? We have you covered.

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