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Ram V dives in the world of Aquaman: Andromeda

"The first words out of my mouth were: 'Let me do deep sea horror Aquaman'," Ram V says

Ram V is not only one of the most prolific writers at the Big Two right now, his and Christian Ward's Black Label take on one of the most maligned Justice League members - Arthur Curry - in the pages of Aquaman: Andromeda has also succeeded in bringing cosmic horror sensibilities underwater to the imprint.

By happy circumstance, Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson caught up with Ram V at Comic-Con International: San Diego earlier this year just after the release of Aquaman: Andromeda #1 to discuss all the scary stories he's writing over there.

"The first words out of my mouth were: 'Let me do deep sea horror Aquaman'," Ram V tells Popverse, “and it was pretty easy from there on.”

Here is our full 7-minute interview with Ram V.

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All three issues of Aquaman: Andromeda are currently available for purchase.
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