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Rejoice, X-Romance lovers: Rogue & Gambit have a new miniseries arriving this March

The new five-issue title was revealed during New York Comic Con 2022

Rogue & Gambit
Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

When it comes to the X-Men franchise, love is once again in the air this Spring, as one of the most star-crossed couples in mutantdom gets a new miniseries all of their own. Break out the trenchcoat and playing cards, because Rogue & Gambit are once again getting their time in the spotlight.

As announced during Sunday’s Women in Marvel panel at New York Comic Con 2022, the new series will run five issues starting in March, and come from the creative team of Stephanie Williams, Carlos Gomez, and cover artist Steve Morris. Plot details on just what’s coming up in the series aren’t available just yet, unfortunately — the series is still six months away, after all — but we can only hope that it involves more than a little romance, Cajun-style.

Rogue & Gambit was just one of three new X-Men titles announced during the Women in Marvel panel Sunday, with launch dates in February and March — a period during which the X-Men franchise will also be running the Sins of Sinister crossover event, in which Mr. Sinister remakes the Marvel Universe and three all-new series jump a decade into the future as a result. All of which suggests that big changes may be coming for one of Marvel’s biggest franchises early on in 2023, very possibly…

Keep your eyes on Popverse to keep watch on what’s happening in the X-Universe in upcoming months. And, just maybe, to keep getting very excited about the prospect of love between two of the characters with the weirdest accents in comics.

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