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Viewers and critics disagree about Justin Timberlake movie that's currently #1 on Netflix

Is it worth watching? Seems like it depends on who you ask.

Justin timberlake in Reptile on Netflix
Image credit: Netflix

Justin Timberlake and Benicio del Toro’s newest film Reptile might be clinging tight to the number one spot on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is loving it. In fact, Reptile is proving that fans and critics will always find something to disagree on when it comes to movies.

Critics have been underwhelmed by Reptile’s plot so far, which follows del Toro as a hard-boiled detective in Scarborough, Maine investigating the murder of a prominent real-estate broker. The by-the-numbers story hasn’t offered enough surprises for critics’ tastes, ultimately leaving them feeling that the movie has a single mood that becomes one-note during its two-and-a-half-hour runtime. Every scene in Reptile is overwhelmingly tense, which grew tiresome over such a long film, while movies like Glass Onion offered something different in each scene despite having a similar runtime.

Fans, however, have been quick to praise the film, particularly the intense and captivating performance by del Toro, who also helped pen the screenplay. The rest of the cast does an admirable job, with Justin Timberlake holding his own as the victim’s emotional boyfriend and the prime suspect in her murder. Alicia Silverstone also gives a charming performance as the detective’s supportive wife, highlighting how his personal and professional lives are becoming inextricably entwined.

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Critics and fans have agreed on the quality of the cast and have been heaping praise on del Toro and Timberlake in particular, though how much you’ll enjoy it might depend on how willing you are to sit through a film that takes a bit too long to get to where it is going. If you can forgive some pacing issues and a tone that quickly becomes monotonous, there are some stellar performances in Reptile for you to enjoy.