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Finally, fans can celebrate Robert De Niro the way he's meant to be celebrated - De Niro Con

Yep. It's going to be a real thing.

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Do you love Robert De Niro?

I mean, really love Robert De Niro.

Well, if you do, you've got the chance to celebrate De Niro's career and legend in stype this summer at the Tribeca Film Festival at a very special De Niro themed event.

What is De Niro Con?

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Image credit: Tribeca

From June 14-18 in New York City, De Niro Can will take palce, featuring set re-creations (and photo ops of course) , costume exhibits, screenings, and behind-the-scenes chats.

Not only will the convention feature materials from Robert De Niro's personal archives (including rare photos, annotated scripts, and props), there will also be a immersive film from Little Cinema that will weave all of Robert De Niro's movies together into a ~20 minute experience - on six screens. That's right. Six screens.

More info on what to expect from the first De Niro con wil come in the spring. But for now, here's what you need to know about tickets.

How much are De Niro Con tickets?

If you're only heading to De Niro Con for a day, you can grab a $150 "Johnny Boy Pass" (with a processing fee of $10) which will get you through the doors and access to one day of programming (plus merchandise discoutns).

If you want to go both days and make sure you've got reserved seating at screenings and panels, you'll have to fork over $500 (with a $20 fee) for "The Goodfella Pass."

Then, if you want to go really hard, you can grab "The Godfather Pass" for two people for a whopping $3500 (and $150 fee). The Godfather pass will get VIP access for two guests for all of the De Niro Con programming and will also include two invites for an exclusive cocktail reception. You'll also nab one limited edition book signed by De Niro as well as four tickets to a red carpet premiere at Tribeca 2024.

All tickets for De Niro Con can be purchased at the Tribeca website.

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