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Robert Kirkman leaves behind Walking Dead zombies for The Mole People

Universal Pictures has acquired a pitch for a revamp of the 1956 horror movie

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Image credit: Universal Pictures

For those of you who thought that the Universal Pictures classic monster movie remake scheme was finally vanquished with the box office flop that was the 2017 Tom Cruise-led revamp of The Mummy, you may want to think again: Some corpses just don't stay down.

Deadline has reported in an exclusive that Universal Pictures has acquired a pitch for a brand new revamp of Virgil Vogel's classic 1956 horror film The Mole People... with none other than The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman attached as producer.

While the original The Mole People movie followed two archeologists who discover a troubling society living deep underground, according to Deadline, in this new version of The Mole Man, "a woman travels to a town veiled in a conspiracy, to rescue her grandchildren from their father. To do this, she must fight through hell in the underground tunnels where the Mole People reside."

As for who is behind this project, director of 2022's Moonshot Chris Winterbauer pitched the idea to Universal Pictures and will write the script. Kirkman will produce the movie with his Skybound partner Dave Alpert; Holly Goline, Jay Polidoro, and Matt Reilly have been announced as the Universal executives who oversee production for the studio. So far, there has been no announcement about a director.

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