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DC's ongoing Tim Drake: Robin comic book to end after just 10 issues

"I look forward to your continued journey, as well as Tim’s," the writer told fans

Tim Drake: Robin #1
Image credit: DC

It’s sadly official: Tim Drake’s time as the Robin with an ongoing comic book series will come to an end with June’s 10th issue.

Writer Meghan Fitzmartin, who has been guiding Tim’s journey since his solo strip launched in the Batman: Urban Legends series in 2021, confirmed reports of the series’ end on Twitter, writing, “The joy I have had in telling Tim’s story isn’t limited to just the writing, it’s in meeting fans of Tim, both old and new. Every single one of you who reached out on DMs and at conventions, telling me how much Tim’s story has meant to you, or that Tim’s was the first comic you read and now you’re into comics, has been treasure for my soul. No matter what I move onto the next (there are some exciting things coming up), I look forward to your continued journey, as well as Tim’s.”

Tim Drake: Robin, illustrated by Riley Rossmo launched in September 2022, spinning out of Fitzmartin’s work on the character in the Urban Legends anthology, which which involved Tim coming out as queer in a storyline that received a great deal of media and fan attention; so much so, in fact, that the storyline was collected in a standalone edition last June as part of DC’s Pride 2022 celebrations.

The first collected edition of Tim Drake: Robin will be released in September, and is currently scheduled to contain the first six issues of the series. No announcement has been made about a second collection, and whether or not it will only contain the series’ final four issues.

Tim Drake: Robin isn’t the only DC series to end in June; Batgirls is also ending that month with its 19th issue, according to advance information on the issue released by DC.

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