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Ahsoka: Watch Rosario Dawson's full spotlight panel from Chicago's C2E2 FREE!

Rosario Dawson came to C2E2 to talk Star Wars: Ahsoka Tano, Clerks, and more

Rosario Dawson at C2E2 2022
Image credit: ReedPop

That two-part Disney+ series premiere of Ahsoka left us wanting more from Star Wars, and more from Rosario Dawson. And Popverse is going to give it to you.

For the first time ever, Popverse is revealing the full Rosario Dawson spotlight panel from C2E2, where she talked about her work on Ahsoka, the Mandalorian, and even more outside the Star Wars Universe.

Popverse livestreamed this and many other panels at C2E2 as a key benefit for our Popverse members and C2E2 digital ticket-holders. The Popverse paid members get to watch the big panels from all of ReedPop's big comic shows - New York Comic Con, MCM Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, C2E2, and Florida SuperCon - and get additional Popverse articles and content exclusively for them.

So now, watch the full C2E2 spotlight panel with Rosario Dawson:

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