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San Diego Comic-Con 2024 tickets are already sold out - but there's already a rough date for the 2025 tickets

Unless you were quick on the draw last month, you missed your chance to get SDCC 2024 tickets

San Diego Comic-Con 2024
Image credit: Comic-Con International/Popverse

With the new year approaching, it’s likely that a lot of people are looking at their calendars and trying to make plans for 2024 — and some of those plans might include visiting San Diego Comic-Con, which is set to take place July 25 through July 28 at the San Diego Convention Center. If that’s the case, then here’s hoping you already tickets, because all the passes for next year’s SDCC have already sold out.

The official website for San Diego Comic-Con is very clear on the matter: “All badges for Comic-Con 2024 have been sold,” it reads, noting that the on-sale date for returning attendees was November 4, and for first-time attendees November 18. That’s worth bearing in mind for people thinking about a 2025 visit to the show — the site also notes that “Badge sales for Comic-Con 2025 will take place in the fall of 2024.” Start thinking about it as early as late October, just in case, future planners.

Of course, in order to make that happen, any future SDCC attendee will need to be registered in Comic-Con International’s membership portal, and have no small amount of patience: San Diego Comic-Con ticket sales happen online, with would-be attendees required to be signed into virtual waiting rooms until they have the opportunity to buy. More details for anyone planning that 2025 already can be found here.

For those who haven’t already secured their San Diego Comic-Con 2024 tickets, don’t despair; Popverse will be there to share the latest as it’s happening. (And you won’t have to worry about dealing with those crowds, either.)

Of course, just because SDCC 2024 is sold out doesn’t mean every 2024 convention is — and we have a list of the major upcoming shows for you right here. Start filling that dayplanner right now!

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