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Avengers, X-Men, Eternals clash in Marvel's Judgment Day panel at SDCC '22

Popverse brings you live coverage from San Diego Comic Con's Judgment Day Panel

AXE: Judgment Day #6 cover
Image credit: Mark Brooks (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics' big summer event AXE: Judgment Day is here-- and we're pretty excited about it, as you can tell from our analytical dive into the event's buzz. We're so excited, in fact, that we're not only sitting in on the Judgment Day panel at San Diego Comic Con, but we're also liveblogging the whole panel. That means, whether you're just in another panel, roaming the con floor, or somewhere across the globe, you can still get the latest updates on what is happening at this year's big Marvel Comics panel.

The official panel synopsis reads: Marvel’s Nick Lowe (executive editor) and C. B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief) prepare to pass judgment on their fellow panelists, including Adam Kubert (Wolverine), David Pepose (Fantastic Four), and other Mighty Marvel guests! With the Eve of Judgment already behind us, see what trials and tribulations are just around the corner for the Avengers, X-Men, Eternals, and the rest of the Marvel Universe!

So, there are some pretty big names there, and we're quite likely to get some hints as to what comes next for the Marvel universe!

To follow along live, keep an eye on this page. Or, come back later when the panel is over to read a play-by-play of everything that happened at the Judgment Day panel.

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Our live coverage of this event has finished.

We have 10 minutes until the panel begins.
The panel has begun
They are introducing the panelists
Asking what else they are an expert in besides comics.
Judgment Day is mostly called AXE around the Marvel office.
During a retreat, they saw the similar stories weaving between Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals.
They are trying to keep all spoilers from Judgement Day under wraps until the day of release.
The event is introudcing new characters - the Hex. This is what the celestials turn into when they are angry.
The Hexes have inspiration from anime mechas.
This event is not just about the heroes. It will introduce your average joes as well like Tom, Kenta, Katrina, Jada, Arjun, and Daniela.
These POV characters are all over the world not just New York
They are showing us a process image of Mark Brooks "works in progress" for his covers.
This book is so huge that it will spin off into the other books in Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals.
Because of Hellfire Club now everyone in the world knows that the mutants are immortal, which will play out in the Judgment Day tie ins.
Judgement Day has been seeded in Eternals since issue 7.
We are seeing some interior art from Immortal X-Men #5
All the first covers from Immortal X-Men all focus on an individual character.
Nightcrawler is one of Mark Brooks' favorite characters to draw.
What is Gwen Stacy doing in The Amazing Spider-Man #10? Peter is being judged.
Nick Lowe cried reading The Amazing Spider-Man #10, and he hasn't cried reading a Spidey book since Superior Spider-Man.
CB is a weekly warrior and goes to the comic book store every week. He shops at Grand Central's Midtown Comics.
Wolverine #25 is a super special
Wolverine #25 is Emma Kubert's debut at Marvel.
Avengers #60 is written by Mark Russell and in this issue Hawkeye will be judged by Black Widow.
Greg Land returns back onto the Avengers. We are seeing some interiors from it.
ANNOUCEMENT: Mark Russell is writing Blade Vampire Nation with Dave Wacheter on pencils
It's Blade Vs Dracula!
Why have the Fantastic Four been sidelined for this event? David Pepose will explore in his tie-in
This will be a fun Invisible Woman centric story. It's a die hard homage and cosmic love story.
Starfox is returning to comics after making an appearance in the Eternals movie.
Notice Loki is on the cover for the Iron Fist tie in
They have announced an Omega issue for Judgement Day
The Infinity Comics are in continuity and they are released almost daily.
They are showing us a trailer for All Out War.
*All Out Avengers
It doesn’t look like things are going well for Captain Marvel in that first issue
It’s time for Q&A!
CB teases the “The Family Sticht” for some Wolverine family stories coming up.
Marvel is planned out for X-Men all the way to 2024 and they are building towards what Hickman planted before he left
They already have Hellfire Gala 2023 planned. Can we consider this to be a true yearly event now?
CB wants to see Jack of Hearts play a bigger role.
Hulk will be out of everything with Starship Hulk with the ongoing series.
David talks about transitioning from indie creator to big 2 and how he got the gig at Marvel. He was very persistent at contacting editors. CB talks about reading Scout's Honor and that's when they opened the door for David.
Rainbow has long term ideas for She Hulk, and Nick Lowe hopes for people to pick it up so it can continue.
Nick Lowe talks about seeing Spider-Man Into the Dark as a Spider-Man and broadway fan.
The panel has wrapped. Join us for the next Marvel Panel - Next Big Thing

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