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Scott Snyder AMA: Popverse welcomes the Batman & Wytches writer for an all-access interview with all of you

Popverse will host comics writer Scott Snyder for a live video AMA taking place Wednesday, May 24

Scott Snyder
Image credit: ReedPop

As part of Popverse's first birthday celebration, we are hosting comics writer Scott Snyder for an AMA (as in 'Ask Me Anything'), moderated by Popverse Video Producer Ashley V. Robinson.

The Scott Snyder AMA will take place Wednesday, May 24 beginninng at 12pm EST (that's 9am PST), and will take place on the Popverse YouTube channel. You can also watch here:

Watch on YouTube

Those with a ReedPop ID were able to submit questions for this AMA early, but if you're watching live there's still time to ask yours. Go over to Popverse's YouTube page for this now to ask in the comments.

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