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The Scream cast rank their favorite films in the franchise

The Scream cast reveal their favorite films from the beloved horror series

Scream (1996)
Image credit: Dimension Films

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

That question is terrifying if you hear it over the phone. Especially if the caller sounds like Roger L. Jackson (the voice of Ghostface). But if you’re hearing it on a convention stage, then it’s perfectly normal. In fact, it can be a little fun.

The cast of the Scream film franchise reunited for a panel at the 2023 Emerald City Comic Con. During the panel, a fan asked the actors to reveal their favorite Scream films.

Scream 1,” Matthew Lillard shouted. In fairness to Lillard, that’s the only film his character Stu Macher appeared in.

“Yeah, I’d say the same,” Neve Campbell added.

Always the contrarian, Skeet Ulrich decided to go in another direction. “I don’t know, I like 3,” Ulrich mischievously said. After a beat, he admitted that he had never seen Scream 3 (!!).

Jamie Kennedy understood the assignment and gave everyone a full franchise ranking. “It’s always going to be 1. But I think it’s 1, 2, 5, 4, 3. Is that bad,” Kennedy said.

Lillard wasn’t a fan of the ranking. “This man is drunk,” he jokingly shouted.

For what it’s worth, nobody listed Scream VI because the film wouldn’t be released for another month.

What do you think of Kennedy’s ranking? Should someone finally show Skeet Ulrich Scream 3?

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