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Jenna Ortega quits the Scream franchise (in reportedly much the same way Neve Campbell did)

The news comes just one day after Spyglass fired Ortega's on-screen sister, Melissa Barerra

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Looks like Hollywood is doing what Ghostface couldn't.

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Jenna Ortega, star of the latest two films in the Scream franchise, has dropped out of the saga's latest entry, Scream VII. Notably, this news comes in on the back of fellow star Melissa Barerra's firing from the film, which Popverse reported on yesterday. However, according to THR, the incidents are unrelated - with Ortega actually quitting much earlier this year.

Barerra and Ortega ushered in the new era of Scream films as sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter, respectively. As the new focus of Ghostface's murderous ire, the Carpenter sisters brought new life into 2022's Scream and 2023's Scream VI. That new life was supposed to continue into Scream VII, but was halted by Barerra's firing, reportedly over her social media comments on the Israel-Hamas war and situation in Gaza.

But according to sources at The Hollywood Reporter, Ortega herself chose not to return to the franchise after renegotiations, or lack thereof, of her contract. Says the article, the actress "either had no deal or, in the renegotiating of her option, asked what the movie company deemed was too much money." Fans will recall a similar situation in the leadup to Scream VI, when franchise cornerstone Neve Campbell declined to return because of an unsatisfactory offer.

As of now, Happy Death Day's Christopher Landon is still set to direct the film, but with major shifts in characters, it's likely that the movie will be very different from what he originally intended to direct.

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