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SDCC: Blockbuster nostalgia hits San Diego Comic Con with two major booths inspired by the video store

Both Funko and Lego have Blockbuster-themed booths at San Diego Comic Con this year

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Blockbuster may have closed the doors on all of its corporate-owned stores in 2014, but the experience certainly lives on in many movie lovers' hearts. And that love of the experience of walking into a Blockbuster and looking at racks and racks of VHSs and DVDs will be seen in not one, but two major booths at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

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Yes, both Funko AND Lego have Blockbuster-based booths at the San Diego Convention Center for maxed-out Blockbuster fun. So if you're in San Diego and feel a hankering for that ancient practice of walking around a video rental shop and browsing for what to watch this weekend, you'll get something akin to that experience if you head over to the Funko 'Blockbuster Rewind' booth at #5341 or the LEGO Brickbuster Video booth at #2829 in the Exhibit Hall.

While neither of these booths will feature actual video rental or, we assume, overpriced Twizzlers, hopefully there will be a bit of that classic Blockbuster charm amongst the sale of collectables and long lines.

Image credit: Popverse

As for why a single convention could see two large themed Blockbuster booths in one year? It's probably just nostalgia. It's been almost a decade since most patrons have been able to step into the air conditioned glory of a video rental store, and after a decade of scrolling through streaming service home pages to find out what we want to watch next, we may be thinking a bit more wistfully about the 'event' of making our way to a good old Blockbuster Video.

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