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Secret Invasion: The mystery hiding in plain sight for the new Marvel MCU show on Disney+

The premiere episode of Secret Invasion raises an interesting question.

Secret Invasion
Image credit: Marvel Studios
Warning: Spoilers ahead for the premiere episode of Secret Invasion!

The premiere episode of Secret Invasion raises some interesting questions. The new Marvel Studios TV show on Disney+ began with a bang, killing off Maria Hill, a character who has been a part of the MCU since the 2012 film The Avengers.

However, while we’re reacting to Hill’s death (and that controversial AI title sequence), I can’t help but think about another character death. The difference is, this one occurred offscreen.

During this episode, we learn that Soren was recently killed. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen Captain Marvel, Soren was a Skrull refugee who left her homeworld to escape from the horrors of war. Soren was joined by her husband Talos, and their daughter G’iah. Soren and Talos befriended Nick Fury and Carol Danvers, who vowed to help their people find a new home. Soren and Talos were later seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home, where they disguised themselves as Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Don’t worry, Fury and Hill consented to it, since they both needed a vacation.

This brings us to Secret Invasion, which begins with Soren already dead. According to Talos, Soren was murdered by a Skrull named Gravik. It seems that Gravik had grown tired of trying to find a new home and decided to launch a Skrull takeover of Earth. Gravik has formed a group of rebellious Skrulls, who are using their shapeshifting powers to destabilize nations around the globe. Talos and Soren’s daughter G’iah joined Gravik’s cause, which has caused some family strife. At some point prior to Secret Invasion, Soren and Gravik had a confrontation, which ended with Soren dead.

At least that’s what the episode tells us. Most of these events occur offscreen. Talos tells us that Gravik killed Soren, but should we really take his word for it? Remember, with Skrulls there is a difference between what is told to us, and what the actual truth is. It’s possible that Talos is lying about Soren’s death for some reason, or maybe he doesn’t even know the full truth. Longtime Marvel fans know that if we don’t see the death for ourselves, it means the character is most likely alive.

Did Talos lie about Gravik killing Soren in order to convince G’iah to betray him? Or did Soren fake her death for purposes unknown? Perhaps Soren is disguised as another character in the series. She could be Sonya Falsworth or another existing character. I can’t help but think there’s more to the story, especially because it happened offscreen.

Think of Maria Hill’s death like a magician’s hand. When a magician performs a trick, they distract you with a misdirection in one hand, so you don’t see how their other hand is performing the trick. Maria Hill’s death is tragic, but it might be distracting us from the truth. As you continue to watch the series, don’t forget the series tagline – who do you trust?

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Joshua Lapin-Bertone

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