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Nick Fury's dirty MCU secret revealed in Marvel Studios' latest Secret Invasion episode

The secrets of Nick Fury’s actions during Avengers: Endgame are revealed, and the implications are huge.

Secret Invasion
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If you’re reading this, then chances are you watched Avengers: Endgame multiple times. I know I have. I’ve seen the Avengers’ final stand against Thanos so many times, I can probably recite most of the lines by heart. However, it turns out that there was more going on than we originally suspected. In fact, the latest episode of Secret Invasion might change the way you watch Marvel Studios’ magnum opus. I know it did for me. The Disney+ streaming series just gave us a major revelation about Fury’s actions during the film, and the implications are deadly.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Secret Invasion!

What was Nick Fury doing during Avengers: Endgame?

Secret Invasion
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If you have been watching Secret Invasion, then you know that a rebel Skrull named Gravik is trying to overthrow Earth. Gravik has used his Skrull army to replace high-ranking political officials across the planet. In addition, he’s used genetic material from various aliens and mutated beings to become a Super-Skrull. This is all bad news, and it’s about to get worst.

Throughout Secret Invasion, Gravik and his scientists have alluded to something called the Harvest, and in the latest episode (appropriately titled 'Harvest') we find out exactly what that is. During a drive through Finland, Fury explains everything to MI6 agent Sonya Falsworth.

“Nearly every Avenger spilled blood during the Battle of Earth. Even Carol Danvers. In the aftermath, some were sent in to collect that DNA. Some with the ability to blend in,” Fury told Falsworth. That DNA collection is the Harvest that Gravik has been after. And how does Gravik know about the Harvest? It turns out that Gravik was one of the Skrull agents Fury had originally sent to collect the DNA.

Rewatch the final battle in Avengers: Endgame and look at all the heroes who participated. Almost every MCU character (minus the Marvel Television heroes) was there, and Fury has all their blood. This adds new context to that final battle with Thanos. As Pepper Potts was cradling Tony Stark’s dying body, Nick Fury was secretly planning to harvest the DNA of everyone on the battlefield. We saw Nick Fury silently mourning during Tony Stark’s funeral, but now I can’t help but wonder if his Skrull agents were collecting the genetic material at this exact moment.

This act of espionage arrogance has now blown up in Fury’s face, and the entire planet could face the consequences. Gravik is no longer loyal to Fury, and now he wants the genetic material he had helped collect. He’s given Nick Fury an impossible choice – hand over the superhero DNA, or World War III will begin.

What does this mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Still image of a Skrull shouting
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Gravik is the last person you would want anywhere near this DNA. As the latest episode demonstrated, he’s unstable and prone to violent outbursts. A few Skrulls became concerned about Gravik’s reckless leadership and attempted a coup. Gravik violently killed them and threatened the rest of the Skrull compound.

Unbeknownst to his fellow Skrulls, Gravik has manipulated President Ritson into bombing the Skrull compound. This move would not only kill most of the non-violent Skrull civilians, but it could also start World War III. The Skrull compound is on Russian soil, and Gravik is more than aware of what Russia would do if the United States attacked. Gravik knows, and he doesn’t care.

At first it seemed like he wanted to establish a new world for the refugee Skrulls, now he’s acting like someone who wants revenge, regardless of the cost. He’s already injected himself with the powers of Groot, Extremis, and a Frost Beast. Imagine how powerful he would be with the powers of Captain Marvel, Thor, and Hulk. With these powers, Gravik could probably destroy the planet, and he wouldn’t care.

“Harvest” ends with Fury in a difficult position. If he gives Gravik the genetic samples, then he will become a powerful Super-Skrull. If he refuses, Gravik will go ahead and have President Ritson attack Russia, which would start a nuclear war. However, it seems Fury has an ace up his sleeve. After retrieving the genetic material, Fury dons his iconic eyepatch, and grabs a gun.

The mini-series has repeatedly had various characters point out that Fury has lost his fighting spirit since Thanos caused him to disappear for 5 years. The closing scene of this episode sends a different message – Nick Fury is back, and he’s ready to fight. The season finale of Secret Invasion airs next week, and it looks like it will be a big one. Check back here next week as Popverse reports from the frontlines of Gravik and Fury’s final battle.

Is the President of the United States a Skrull? Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion opens the door.

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