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Spectacular news - Marvel's Sha Shan Nguyen is returning in 2024

Fans of the cartoon Spectacular Spider-Man will love to know Sha Shan is returning

Every character is someone's favorite, even the smaller ones who don't often get the spotlight. For those of us who are fans of Marvel's Sha Shan Nguyen, 2024 is going to be your year because she's returning.

In the upcoming Spectacular Spider-Men comic book series debuting in March 2024, Sha Shan will be a supporting character in this Peter Parker/Miles Morales team-up book.

Spectacular Spider-Men #1 cover
Image credit: Humberto Ramos (Marvel Comics)

How did she return from relative obscurity? As it turns out, Spectacular Spider-Men is being written by Greg Weisman - the showrunner of the animated series Spectacular Spider-Man, which also features Shu Shan prominently.

"Sha Shan was a character when I was a teenager who had a huge effect on me," Weisman tells Popverse. "I'm a big Sha Shan fan. Any opportunity to use Sha Shan, I'm probably going to do because I really like the character a lot."

Weisman says the decision to bring back Sha Shan Nguyen is because he likes the character, and other characters he featured in the series which he's bringing back here like Kenny Kong and Professor Warren.

"Though it's not at all a continuation of the TV show, there are touchstones to that show that I think fans of that series will want to check this book out," Weisman tells Popverse. "And that's on top of the fact that I'm writing Pete again, for the first time in a while."

And while there are prior Sha Shan Nguyen storis you can read and watch ahead of 2024's Spectacular Spider-Men, Weisman says he's writing it for long-timers and first-timers.

"They don't need to go back and reread 40 year-old Sha Shan stories to understand who Sha Shan is in this story. We will tell them all they need to know. And we'll explore more as the series progresses. It's great. We're ongoing, and we actually have a shot here at a longer haul which will give us time and energy to get deeper into these characters, and I'm looking forward to that."

Look for Popverse's full interview with Greg Weisman later on this month.

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