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Che Guevara and Marie Antoinette are in love in a fascinating new romcom manga called Sharehouse Nile

The Unlikely Lovers fuelled story comes to a close in March this year.

Sharehouse Nile volume 2 cover image
Image credit: Shogakukan

Unlikely Lovers is always a popular topic in fiction, but when you mix it with historical fiction you can create some of the most unlikely pairings imaginable. It is how we ended up with the criminally short-lived Our Flag Means Death as well as Sharehouse Nile, a romantic comedy manga that pairs up Che Guevara, a famed revolutionary, and Marie Antoinette, who is best known for losing her head during the French Revolution.

In the real world, Marie Antoinette and Che Guevara would almost certainly have been mortal enemies. Antoinette was the face of horrendous inequality in France. Guevara was a committed communist and would eventually become both a famous revolutionary and a fixture in every dorm room at every college across America. Aside from living more than 150 years apart, these two are fiercely separated by their disparate ideologies, which makes the supposed romance between them so incredibly juicy.

That isn’t the case in Sharehouse Nile, a manga by Nakamichi Hiroo and Dorokawa Megumi that throws a selection of famous historical figures into shared accommodation and lets the wacky hijinks ensue. Other residents of the sharehouse are Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, and Pablo Picasso. It has flavors of Clone High set in a classic Shoujo manga, with a passionate romance between the two most unlikely of characters taking center stage.

Sharehouse Nile’s story, including the all-important romance between one of the most famous aristocrats in history and a revolutionary who almost certainly would have taken part in her execution, is set to conclude when Volume 4 is released in March 2024, according to Manga Mogura. We’re hoping that someone, somewhere gives us an official English translation of this manga by then because it sounds like a wild but oddly heart-warming story and it is exactly what we need in our lives.

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