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Five shows to watch after you watch Silicon Valley

What to watch after Silicon Valley

Promotional photo for Silicon Valley
Image credit: HBO

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HBO's Silicon Valley is a top tier television show. Not only is it hilarious, it somehow manages to up the stakes in every episode and every season. Unfortunately though, the show is over. So what to watch next?

We've put together a list of five television shows that may be a good bet for watching after Silicon Valley. So whether you're looking for your next obsession or for something to kill the time before your next Silicon Valley rewatch, here are five shows to watch after Silicon Valley.


Poster for Veep
Image credit: HBO

If you’re looking for a show that will make you laugh just as much as you did in Silicon Valley, your best bet is Veep. The writing is cutting, the performances are iconic, and you get a bit of that “in the know” feeling in Veep that you get in Silicon Valley – directed at Washington though, of course. Silicon Valley actor Zach Woods also appears in a small, wonderful part in Veep.

Mythic Quest

Promotional poster for Mythic Quest
Image credit: Apple TV

If you want a comedy about nerds in the workplace, Mythic Quest may be a good option for you. Mythic Quest, like Silicon Valley, is a workplace comedy, following the team behind a hit game called - you guessed it - Mythic Quest. If you’re interested in interpersonal character drama alongside your comedy, Mythic Quest has a bunch of that. It’s not quite as laugh-a-minute as Silicon Valley, but it’s probably your closest actual comp.


Promotional photo for Community
Image credit: NBC

This sitcom about a community college study group is a cult classic for a reason. It’s got laughs a minute, but it’s also got those warm found family feelings. The show is truly, truly funny and has gained a kind of iconic- pop culture status. If you haven’t seen the show before and you’re watching it for the first time, you’ll likely be able to spot some viral memes at their birth.

Halt and Catch Fire

Promotional photo for Halt and Catch Fire
Image credit: AMC

First things first, Halt and Catch Fire is not a comedy. But it is a great television show about the birth of the tech industry as we know it. If what drew you to Silicon Valley was a very real peek at what the tech industry looks like, you’ll find a lot of that in Halt and Catch Fire. You’ll also find some incredible performances from Lee Pace and Mackenzie Davis.

Avenue 5

Cropped poster for Avenue 5
Image credit: HBO

Avenue 5 may be the weakest comedy on this list, but it’s got its little joys as it follows a group of stranded space travelers in space. Plus, you get a very tired looking Hugh Laurie as ship captain and a frenzied Zach Woods as a head of customer relations. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after two seasons, but there’s a lot of charm to find in Avenue 5.

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