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Don't get left in the cold - watch the Snowpiercer movie before it leaves Netflix this month

Netflix is giving fans the cold shoulder with this one

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The Snowpiercer franchise has some strange wrinkles in it. It all started life as a French graphic novel before becoming a Korean film starring Chris Evans and, finally, a series that has aired on TNT. It is a lot to catch up on, but Netflix subscribers will need to be quick if they want to see it all. The Snowpiercer movie will be leaving Netflix at the end of February.

Fans have until February 28 to catch Snowpiercer on Netflix before it slips away into the streaming void. While it didn’t make a huge splash at the box office, Snowpiercer was a critical darling when it was released in 2014. Chris Evans was deep in his run as Captain America over at the MCU, with Captain America: The Winter Soldier out that same year. In Snowpiercer, he had an opportunity to do something different and showcase more of his acting range than we’d seen before. His portrayal of a revolutionary leader on a train circumnavigating a frozen Earth was his best performance to date and proved he was just as charismatic and compelling out of tights as he was in them.

If the Snowpiercer series, which has several themes in common with the film but is otherwise unrelated, is more your speed, you’ve got less of a rush to watch it on Netflix – there are currently no plans to remove the series from the streaming service at the moment. With its fourth season already filmed and waiting to be released, we expect it to stick around a little while longer.

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