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The too-cute original title of Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Men revealed

Once you know the original name, you won't forget it

Spectacular Spider-Men
Image credit: Marvel Comics

This March, Marvel Comics is launching a new Peter Parker & Miles Morales team-up book called Spectular Spider-Men. That's plural, as in Spider->Men. It's a a play on an on-again, off-again Spider-Man title over the past couple decades called Spectacular Spider-Man, which inspired an animated series (more on that in a second).

Spectacular Spider-Men #1 cover
Image credit: Humberto Ramos (Marvel Comics)

However, in an interview with the new series' writer Greg Weisman, Popverse's Joshua Lapin-Bertone learned that the original name for the book was very different. According to the writer, the original title was meant to be Spider-Man and Spider-Man - given both characters go by the moniker of Spider-Man.

While that name is cute as well (and prone to fun when talking about it with friends), they opted to go with Spectacular Spider-Men given Weisman was also the showrunner of the animated series Spectacular Spider-Man.

"That was actually my suggestion that we title it Spectacular Spider-Men," Weisman says. "And I said, you've gotten to the trouble of getting me, I think this title will sell more comics. With my name attached, I think it's got a little bit of added value."

While this is a spiritual successor to the Spectacular Spider-Men cartoon, Weisman is careful to warn this isn't a continuation of that show.

"This is the main Marvel Universe," says the writer. "I don't want to mislead readers into thinking this is a continuation of the TV show, it's not."

Spectacular Spider-Men #1 goes on sale March 6.

Look for Popverse's full interview with Greg Weisman later this month.

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