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Amazon has finally confirmed the live-action Spider-Man Noir series starring Nicolas Cage

He's here to drink egg-creams and punch Nazis.

Nicolas Cage in Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
Image credit: Lionsgate

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His favorite drink – egg creams. His favorite hobby – punching Nazis. His arch-nemesis – Rubix cubes. That’s right; your favorite morally gray hero in a black-and-white world is coming back as Spider-Man Noir is finally getting his own series from Amazon with Nicolas Cage stepping into the mask and fedora in the live-action series.

Cage is reprising his scene-stealing role as Spider-Man Noir in Sony’s Spider-Verse series of films, though this time he’ll be stepping out of the booth and onto a full set. The Spider-Man Noir live-action series went into development over a year ago, but Amazon has finally announced that they are going ahead with the project. Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who helped bring the character into the mainstream with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, will be on hand to executive produce the series.

Despite having so many ties to the animated films, Spider-Man Noir won’t be directly tied to them. Instead, it is going to be part of Amazon’s growing library of Marvel shows like Silk: Spider Society that sit outside both Sony’s animated offerings and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Spider-Man Noir, Nicolas Cage is set to play an aging private detective in 1930s New York who grapples with his role as the city’s only superhero.

We know that Cage can play the role – in fact, there are few that we could see handling the strange mix of comedy, action, and searing intensity that this kind of satirical take on the detective noir genre requires besides Nicolas Cage. Really, the success of this show lies in how much the producers are willing to allow Spider-Man Noir to stand on its own two feet and not try to rely on the existing films too much. The concept is good enough that it doesn’t need much more to draw our attention.

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