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Tom Holland's repeated accidental spoilers for Marvel's MCU has had ripple effects on other Spider-Man actors

“We’re always afraid we’re going to be the Tom Hollands”: The Insomniac Spider-Man voice cast discuss Sony’s strict spoiler policy.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Symbiote Peter
Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Spider-Man 2 was released months ago, but the voice actors are still afraid of spoiling the Insomniac game. That’s because an angry call from Sony is scarier than battling Venom. The entertainment company has trained their talent not to spoil video game projects, and you can tell that it’s left a mark on the voice actors.

This was evident during a Spider-Man 2 voice cast spotlight panel at Megacon 2024. Peter Parker voice actor Yuri Lowenthal and Yuri Watanabe voice actress Tara Platt discussed their roles in the 2023 video game but seemed cautious the entire time. Even after the entire room admitted they had played the game.

At one point during the panel, Platt spoke about line recording, but avoided mentioning the Wraith. For those who don’t know, the Wraith is Yuri Watanabe’s vigilante identity. As Platt carefully chose her words, Lowenthal decided to break the tension.

“You’re afraid of saying Wraith aren’t you,” Lowenthal said. “I don’t want to spoil anything,” Platt sheepishly replied.

Lowenthal then explained their plight to the audience. “We’ve had it drilled into our heads not to give away any secrets,” Lowenthal said. “Sony would be so mad at us,” Platt added.

“We’re always afraid we’re going to be the Tom Hollands and say something that we’re not supposed to,” Lowenthal joked.

This caused moderator Coy Jandreau to share an anecdote about Lowenthal. “The joy Yuri had when he got to wear that Venom hoodie. Like, ‘I can talk about Venom, finally,’” Jandreau recalled.

Sony, if you’re reading this, go easy on them for Spider-Man 3.

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