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Star Trek: Prodigy picked up by Netflix, with all-new episodes debuting in 2024

The first season of the animated series will be added to the streaming service later in 2023

Star Trek: Prodigy
Image credit: Paramount

Star Trek fans, rejoice: the journey of the Protostar isn’t over after all.

Just over three months after the animated series was cancelled by Paramount+ midway through production of its second season, it’s been announced that Netflix has acquired the rights to Star Trek: Prodigy, with the series set to be added to the streaming service later this year before the debut of all-new episodes in 2024.

The announcement came via social media, with executive producer Alex Kurtzman and show runners Dan an Kevin Hageman releasing a statement sharing the good news.

“Thank you to our incredible Star Trek: Prodigy fans, who championed not just a show, but a community that’s always been connected by the belief that we build a better future together,” the statement reads. “We set out to inspire you, but you inspired us. The team is still hard at work on the second season, and we can’t wait to share it with the amazing fans around the world.”

Star Trek: Prodigy, set five years after the events of Star Trek: Voyager, follows a group of strangers who become a crew upon escaping a slave colony together on a stolen starship; that leads them into conflict with Starfleet — and in particular, Admiral Janeway — who have been searching for the ship since it disappeared on a mission in the Delta Quadrant.

The series’ rescue from cancelation isn’t a first for Star Trek, of course; the original series famously only received its third season due to a letter writing campaign that arguably serves as the origin point for contemporary fandom.

Expect more information from Netflix as to when the first season of the show will appear on the service soon.

There’s a lot of Star Trek on the way for fans; we’ve made a list to help everyone keep it straight just how much, and where it will appear.