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Star Wars Celebration 2022 Cosplay favorites from Saturday, May 28

Popverse has teamed with the Ticking Clock team to bring you the best cosplay of Saturday at Star Wars Celebration 2022

Star Wars Celebration 2022 Saturday cosplay
Image credit: Kevin Rich (Ticking Clock)

One of the best parts of Star Wars is its outfits, costumes, and vibrant personas - making it perfect for cosplay. At Star Wars Celebration 2022, thousands of fans showed up in full regalia - be it as Rebels, Empire, First ORder, the Alliance, bounty hunters, and many other sects inside Star Wars lore.

Here at the Anaheim Convention Center, the fountain was one of the most popular meet-up points for cosplayers, as well as the stairway on the south side of the center.

Cosplay is a quintessential part of comic conventions and Star Wars culture, and cosplayers (professional and should-be-professional) were out in force here in Anaheim, California. We've partnered with Ticking Clock - particularly the photographers James Colletta and Kevin Rich - to take photos of some of th best cosplay Thursday at Star Wars Celebration 2022. Tell us your favorites on social media.

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