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Here's how The Acolyte fits into the larger Star Wars timeline

The High Republic era is getting some much deserved attention.

Star Wars: The Acolyte
Image credit: Lucasfilm

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The Star Wars timeline is far more than what we’ve seen in the films. It dates back centuries before the Skywalker family to what is known as the High Republic era. This period hasn’t been explored much in live-action but that is set to change as Star Wars: The Acolyte will be set during this fascinating period.

The High Republic era is an age of enlightenment within the Star Wars universe that lasted approximately 400 years. During this time, the Jedi were at the height of their power and influence, spreading out through the galaxy as a highly visible force for good. The Republic significantly expanded its reach, with innovations in exploration and communication allowing more planets to be brought under their jurisdiction. This period has mainly been explored in the Star Wars Extended Universe books and comics, though they were made non-canon when Disney bought the rights to the franchise.

To more accurately place the new show in the Star Wars timeline, we have to look a bit more at how the Star Wars timeline is organized. The significant marker for Star Wars historians is the Battle of Yavin, which is when Luke blows up the first Death Star in A New Hope. Dates before this are given in BBY – Before the Battle of Yavin. We know that The Acolyte takes place around 100 years before the events in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, putting it around 132 BBY.

This places Star Wars: The Acolyte at the tail end of the High Republic era, which is generally considered to have ended in 100 BBY. While most characters from the films haven’t been born yet, there is the possibility that one familiar face will show up. Yoda, the Jedi master who taught generations of Knights, was an active member of the Council throughout the High Republic era. In fact, he was born nearly 400 years before it began, so there is a slim possibility that he would show up in Star Wars: The Acolyte.

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