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Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 ending explained

Further details to help you better understand the two-part season 2 finale of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

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The past 12 weeks have been leading to the season two finale of The Bad Batch. Now, when the team's one time member, Crosshair, sends a warning to the Bad Batch regarding the Empire, the group are hesitant to rescue their comrade. They shadow Dr. Hemlock, the evil scientist continuing clone research, believing he can lead them to the Advanced Science Division and to their brother.

If you still need some help processing the two part finale of the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, here's a handy guide with some of the notable events from the episodes.

There are major spoilers ahead.

Who are those familiar characters in The Bad Batch finale?

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If you have a keen eye, you might have spotted a couple of faces that have appeared in the Star Wars Universe before, especially if you've watched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The big bad from the film, Orson Callen Krennic, who is played by Ben Mendelsohn, has a cameo in the summit room of Imperial leadership. The scene occurs in an earlier stage of his life so his position is commander rather than director. The special initiative, Project Stardust, is even namechecked. This would be the name given for the development of the first Death Star, the moon sized base that could destroy planets we saw in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

The other familiar face plays a more significant role in the first part of the season finale. Saw Gerrera first appeared in season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He was involved in the Onderon arc that saw him leading a group of rebels with his sister to overthrow the Confederacy of Independent Systems from his home planet. The victory came at a great cost when his sister died protecting the king.

This loss would shape Gerrera and lead him towards a more extremist path ready to do whatever it takes to win, regardless of who might end up as collateral damage.

In The Bad Batch finale, Saw plans on destroying the Imperial base, hoping to take out a large part of the upper leadership. His guerrilla tactics inadvertently affect Clone Force 99 in catastrophic ways. In animation, the younger Saw Gerrera is voiced by Andrew Kishino while Forest Whitaker voices the older version as well as portrays him in live-action in both Andor and Rogue One.

A heroic sacrifice by one of the Bad Batch

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Saw Gerrera's bombing of the Imperial base cuts electricity to transports and hinders the Bad Batch's escape. While under heavy fire from troopers, Tech heads out to restore power to the rail line. Unfortunately, he isn't fast enough and the team is assaulted by aerial support knocking one of their cars completely off the track. In order to save his brothers, Tech sacrifices himself, falling to his presumed death while the rest of the team escapes.

In a later scene, Dr. Hemlock shows Clone Force 99 Tech's goggles as the only remnants of their comrade. However you can't always accept that someone is dead unless you see the body. The goggles could be a misdirect or the only thing left behind after Tech escaped. In fact, Bad Batch member Echo was once believed dead after an explosion in Star Wars: The Clone Wars only to be found alive four seasons later. So don't lose faith yet. There is a chance Tech could still be alive.

A betrayal in the making on The Bad Batch

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Cid a.k.a. Ciddarin Scaleback has been the Bad Batch's point person when it comes to missions for a while now. Both Cid and the Bad Batch have profited from their arrangement, though as the season has progressed, their relationship has begun to deteriorate.

Maybe Cid can see her cash cow leaving her or she doesn't like the unwanted attention that the Bad Batch bring, but she has had enough. The Bad Batch had already informally severed ties with Cid when the team chose the pirate Phee Genoa over her and went searching for a lost artifact, but when Clone Force 99 visits Cid on Ord Mantell to regroup and recover from injuries, she rats them out to the Empire, who in turn kidnap Omega.

After this betrayal, Cid is probably up there with Saw Gerrera as The Bad Batch fans' enemy number one. Is she going to receive any backlash for her actions or will she undergo a redemption arc? We'll have to wait and see.

Omega is not alone on The Bad Batch

the bad batch - emerie karr
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For the entire series so far, Omega has seemed unique in that she was the only female clone of Jango Fett we had met. Before her run in with the Bad Batch, Omega was a medical assistant to the Kaminoan, Nala Se, the engineer behind the entire clone army that we first met in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. After being kidnapped by Dr. Hemlock and taken to Mt. Tantiss, Omega learns of another sibling.

Though she made an appearance in season two's "Metamorphosis," we don't really meet Emerie Karr until the following episode "The Outpost" when she's in charge of Crosshair's treatment after he killed his commanding officer. Though many people predicted it after the character is introduced, it isn't formally revealed until Emerie and Omega meet face to face that they are sisters. We don't know enough about Emerie if she can be trusted, but it was certainly an intriguing reveal.

What's next for The Bad Batch

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There has been no official word about a third season of The Bad Batch, but we hope they wouldn't end the season on a cliffhanger like this if there weren't any future plans. The new season will most likely follow Hunter, Wrecker, and Echo's attempt to rescue Omega. Also, the new season should provide more answers to the Empire's secret cloning project. Star Wars Celebration is only a few weeks away so hopefully we'll receive confirmation of the next season then.

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