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Star Wars: Come to the Dark Side, we have hot sauce

Love Star Wars and truffles? Here's the hot sauce for you

Promotional photo of truff star wars hot sauce
Image credit: TRUFF

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It’s a trap!

Or, if you love very spicy hot sauce, it's a coup! Truffle-inspired condiment company TRUFF has just announced a brand-new collaboration with Lucasfilm for their launch of Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce. This will be TRUFF's hottest hot sauce to date, and will combine ghost peppers and black winter truffles for a spicy sauce that may have those with weaker palates feeling like they've been Force choked.

Now TRUFF's Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce is probably going to be a bit of a splurge at its $39.99 price point (unless you have a very high hot sauce budget - which some do, I'm sure), but it may serve as a worthy gift for the Star Wars/hot sauce die-hard in your life, as it comes in a collectible gift box and is bottled with a cap inspired by Darth Vader's iconic helmet.

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If you need to get your hands on this hot sauce right now, TRUFF is partnering with IGN Entertainment for an exclusive seven-day period of early ordering starting April 24, 2024 (you can check out that waitlist here).

After that exclusive release week with IGN, Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce will debut on on May 1st.

As for us, we're hoping to get our hands on a bottle ourselves, so keep an eye on Popverse to find out what we think about the Dark Side (hot sauce, that is).

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