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Star Wars: We tried the TruMoo Blue Milk, and here's what we think

Step aside Galaxy's Edge, there's a new Blue Milk in town

Photograph of Blue Milk carton on table
Image credit: Popverse

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For those of you who have always wanted to try Blue Milk and were put off by the Galaxy's Edge sickly sweet non-milk version, there's finally a (temporary) balm for all of your troubles. Dairy company TruMoo has come out with a brand new product: Star Wars inspired Blue Milk, and it's coming to a grocery store near you soon (and will be available through July of this year)

The TruMoo Blue Milk is a naturally flavored vanilla 1% lowfat milk, and it contains 150 calfories and 23 g of sugar per serving. But more importantly - here's what we think about the milk.

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Photograph of Blue Milk in cup
Image credit: Popverse

Popverse had the exciting opportunity to try TruMoo's Blue Milk ahead of its public release on April 17, and it's actually quite nice. It's not too thick, though it is slightly thicker than your average 1% milk, and it has the flavor and texture of drinking a mild, thinner milkshake (in a good way). The vanilla flavoring is not overpowering, and you can easily drink a glass of the stuff without feeling vanilla-ed out.

This Blue Milk is a good replacement for those who were turned off by the taste (and price) of the other official Blue Milks. And you can have a glass of this one at home, maybe even on May the Fourth when you're celebrating all things Star Wars.

An advance sample of TruMoo Blue Milk was provided ahead of release by TruMoo.

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