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Station 19 season 7 release date: When does the final season of the Grey's Anatomy spin-off debut?

One last trip down the firepole.

Station 19 crew
Image credit: ABC

It is always sad to see good shows come to an end, but this March we’ll be saying goodbye to the crew of Station 19 as the show’s seventh season premieres. While fans have fought valiantly to get the show renewed or moved to another network, all indications are that this will be the final season of the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off. How well it wraps up all those dangling plot threads remains to be seen.

Station 19 season 7 was originally due out in Fall 2023, but the strikes that shut down Hollywood for most of that summer resulted in the premiere date moving to March 14, 2024 on ABC. If you miss the initial broadcast, it will be on Hulu the next day. The delayed start to the season has had an impact on the show’s final episode count – season 7 of Station 19 will only be 10 episodes long, the shortest season in the show’s history.

Barring a remarkable reversal of ratings fortunes, it doesn’t look like there will be much of a future for Station 19 beyond this season. While the show has been praised for the diversity of its cast and its sensitivity when tackling issues of race or sexuality, its viewership simply hasn’t been enough to convince network executives to keep it on the air.

The good news is that the showrunners were informed of the decision to cancel Station 19 after its seventh season early enough for a suitable farewell to be worked into the show, so there shouldn’t be any annoying cliffhangers. The first episode of Station 19 season 7 will premiere on March 14, 2024.

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