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Steven Spielberg has seen your tornado videos, according to Twisters director

Apparently, Steven Spielberg is a big fan of tornado videos

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It's been nearly three decades since disaster movie Twister first hit theaters, and we're finally getting a follow up in Lee Isaac Chung's upcoming July release. Though making the movie "felt like the scariest thing to do in my life," Chung said, he added that a great part about making the film was finding out that Twisters executive producer Steven Spielberg is a “tornado fanatic.”

At Universal's CinemaCon presentation, Chung shared with the audience, “through this process one of the fun things I've learned about [Spielberg] is: Number One, if you have made a tornado video and put it up on Youtube, he has seen it.”

Spielberg's interest in tornados seems to be a lifelong one, as Spielberg produced the original Twister back in 1996. Chung also shared that Spielberg told him that one of very first movies he ever made was of a "tornado," which he created by focusing a Super 8 camera on water swirling down the drain, tinted by food coloring.

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Chung himself has been fascinated with tornados all of his life, having grown up in tornado country, with the constant reminders about running away and protecting yourself from tornadoes. When Twister came out, the film had a majoy impact on for Chung, who was in high school at the time. His whole life, he'd been told to hide from tornadoes, and here was a story about people running after a tornado.

Lee Isaac Chung's Twisters stars Daisy Edger Jones, Anthony Ramos, and Glen Powell. It will hit theaters July 19, 2024. Buy tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets.

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