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Stjepan Šejić quit DC (and most of the comic industry) four years ago, but now he's on his way back

Harleen co-creator Stjepan Šejić returns to DC four years after quitting and saying he'd never return

Superman #15
Image credit: Stepjan Šejić/DC

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One of the biggest up-and-comic creators in comics of the last decade quit DC and what he called "the standard comic industry" just as his star began to shine, but now four years later the Croatian artist is returning this May.

Stjepan Šejić, who drew the fondly remembered DC Black Label limited series Harleen in 2019, and was tapped to launch a new Justice League series called Justice League Odyssey that same year, is returning to DC after a very public exit in 2020. At one time, Šejić was publicly talking about sequels to his series Harleen, but those never materialized.

But now here in 2024, Šejić has signed on to work for DC once again - beginning with a variant cover to May's Wonder Woman #9 and June's Superman #15.

Why did Stjepan Šejić quit DC to begin with?

Šejić publicly quit DC Comics and "the standard comic industry" in June 2020 on Twitter, to devote his time to his creator-owned series - and also following some of his work on Justice League Odyssey being revised, leading to at least a full issue of the series never seeing print in what Popverse has been told were issues with the approved script.

"Tomorrow I complete my last pages in the standard comic industry, and then moving my ass into the glorious world of webcomics," Šejić tweeted. "I'll still publish my stuff in print once done through Top Cow of course, but I think I'll spend the last few creative decades of my life having fun :)"

Šejić has since deleted that tweet, but was saved through various reporting including my own back then.

Since focusing exclusively on creator-owned comics, Šejić has debuted a variety of webcomics that were later collected and printed by Image including Sunstone Mercy Vol. 7 and 8, Fine Print Vol. 1 and 2, as well as covers for others' creator-owned comics.

Currently, Stjepan Šejić is only listed as a variant cover artist for DC but - who knows - maybe he'll get an offer that leads him to want to do more while maintaining his creator-owned comics.

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