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The Stranger Things cast reveal the annoying game the Duffer Brothers play with them on set

The Duffer Brothers love quizzing the Stranger Things kids while they’re preparing for important scenes

Stranger Things
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There is no denying the talent of the Duffer Brothers. Matt and Ross Duffer have captured the attention of audiences around the globe, thanks to their hit Netflix series Stranger Things. The horror adventure series has nabbed the brothers numerous awards, including the People’s Choice Award for Best Show of 2019. Make no mistake, the Duffers are extraordinary writers, directors, and creators.

But they have one habit that can be quite annoying, especially for the Stranger Things cast.

During a spotlight panel at Megacon 2024, Stranger Things cast member Gaten Matarazzo opened up about a fun (but annoying) game the Duffer Brothers play on set.

“They’re like the ultimate nerds. That’s kind of what drives them day to day. We’ll just be filming, and a fun little game they play is finding the best piece of a soundtrack that goes to the feel of what we’re doing in any given scene,” Matarazzo said.

However, the Duffers will sometimes annoy the kids by quizzing them on movies and their soundtracks. According to Matarazzo, this drives him crazy when he’s trying to get in the headspace for a serious scene. “They’re like, ‘Can you guess what soundtrack this is,’ as we’re getting ready for a really emotional scene. I’m like, ‘I don’t know man.’ He’s like, ‘It’s Thin Red Line.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s rad.’ I remember we were in the van getting ready for the big Upside Down battle of season four. That was the soundtrack they used.”

The fifth and final season of Stranger Things is currently in production. This means that the Duffer Brothers could be quizzing the cast members on classic film soundtracks as you’re reading this.

Netflix's Stranger Things is heading into its grand finale - of the main show that is. While you wait, make sure you've watched all of the franchise (including the spinoffs in books and comics) with our Stranger Things guide, know who the Stranger Things season 5 cast, and what Dustin actor Gaten Matarazzo things would make the show better (more deaths). .

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