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Netflix's Stranger Things goes kid-friendly with new Fisher-Price Little People sets

The heroes of Hawkins in miniature.

Stranger Things Fisher-Price Little People Collector main
Image credit: Netflix/Fisher-Price

Stranger Things is getting three new sets of Fisher-Price's Little People Collector figures.

The new collection features fan-favorite characters such as Eleven and Eddie, and aims to highlight iconic moments from the show's history. Below you can find a description of each set and the corresponding images:

  • Castle Byers: True fans know Eleven loves a good waffle and can see the nethering creep and crawl across the packaging bringing Castle Byers and the Upside Down to life. Available on Amazon.
Castle Byers Stranger Things Fisher-Price
Image credit: Netflix/Fisher-Price
  • Max’s Song: The power of music – Max knows it! Never without her headphones, fans can check out how she got pulled into Vecna’s Mind Lair. Pre-Sale online via Target starting November 6. On-shelf at Target starting December 3.
  • Max's Song Stranger Things Fisher-Price
    Image credit: Netflix/Fisher-Price
  • Hellfire Club: Back to school at Hawkins High we go. It’s game time, so grab a die and get rolling. Available on Best Buy.
  • Hellfire Club Stranger Things Fisher-Price
    Image credit: Netflix/Fisher-Price

    Netflix has been sharing a lot of Stranger Things-related news over the last few days to coincide with Stranger Things Day 2023, including the full details for the upcoming play Stranger Things: The First Shadow, which will act as a canon prequel to the events of the series. Moreover, the spinoff four-issue comic series Stranger Things: The Voyage, from Dark Horse Comics, has just debuted.

    Looking for more geeky loot and/or gifts ahead of Christmas? Crunchyroll and Walmart are teaming up in the US to bring anime and manga merch and collectibles to over 2,400 stores.


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